Canford Heath Baptist Church

Love in the community

Mission, Vision, Aims & Values

Perhaps the best way for us to tell you about our mission, vision and aims are to explain the church logo to you.  The logo is of a tree which for the church at Canford Heath represents our whole life – all of which we try to live in worship of our God.  But also each part of the tree represents a part of our life together and our mission, vision and aims. Allow us to explain:


Fundamental to our understanding of Church is that we stand on the foundation that is Jesus Christ.  Our aim is that all who come to Canford Heath Baptist church will continue to grow in the knowledge of His love and grace.  It is our aim that every member will become ‘imitators of God’ (Ephesians 5:2) by following the ways of Jesus Christ.  We come to know these ways by coming together to hear the Bible preached on Sunday mornings and evenings, attending house groups and praying together every Monday night.  We also recently came together for an all night prayer time.  We also encourage one another as individuals to read the scriptures and prayer in our day to day lives.  


Another of our aims is that we will become a strong body of people united in love, forgiveness, acceptance and grace.  It is our hope and prayer that every member of Canford Heath Baptist Church will be cared for and loved and that every member will fulfil a role, using their gifts to bless others to the glory of God.  We believe everybody has unique value and can bring God’s love to others.  We also meet up regularly just to laugh and socialize together as we constantly try to be a family.  Other than the meetings mentioned above in ‘roots’ we also meet for quiz nights, talent nights, nostalgia evenings, walks, church weekends and many other events...  we pray that we will be a community that shines like stars (Philippians 2:15) because of the way we live with each other.


From our roots and trunk we aim to reach out in love to Canford Heath, the surrounding areas, our country and the world.  We believe that God has called his Church to ‘go and make disciples of all people’ (Matthew 28:19) and we try to do this by word and deed.  We take this call seriously and ten of the church went to Kolkata, India to show the love of Christ to street children, prostitutes and surrounding villages.  We continue to support world mission by giving generously time in prayer and financial aid.  However, our main aim is the evangelisation of Canford Heath, where god has called us to do church.  It is our aim to make Christ’s love, grace, compassion and healing power known to all.  We do this by running lunch clubs at the schools, toddler groups, family fun afternoons, mission fortnights, pottery groups, bereavement groups, elderly visitation, alpha courses and many, many other ways.  

So these are our aims...  To worship God in every area of our life 24/7.  We aim to do this by coming to know him more and more through teaching, scripture and prayer, to become a community that represents God’s great love and to witness that to our community and the wider world.  It is our prayer that if you come and join us that you may experience this love that is just a slight reflection of our God’s love, who came and died so that all who believe may know life, life in all its fullness... and eternal life.