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What is an interregnum?

What is an Interregnum and what does it mean for Canford Heath Baptist Church?

Canford Heath Baptist Church is now embarking on an exciting journey to find a new minister. This follows the calling of Ben (Minister) and Ez Lucas (Youth Minister) to pastor a church near Bristol. This means that we are currently entering an interregnum period (which simply means a period when a church is looking for a new minister).

Paul Holmes, Baptist minister, having agreed to be our moderator, will guide CHBC through the process of finding a new minister. A Search Committee has been formed, including a good cross-section of the congregation, whose first task will be to produce profiles describing what the church is like. This includes a long profile on four sides of A4 which will eventually go to prospective ministers and a small profile of 150 words which will go to all ministers currently seeking a pastorate. The process of finding a minister has a delay built into it, and it should normally take between 9 and 18 months to complete the process. The Search Committee are aiming to complete the profiles by September.

Grenville Overton, who is the church’s Regional Minister and a member of the National Settlement Team of the Baptist Union, has the task of sending CHBC profiles of prospective ministers.