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Mitchell House


Mitchell House on Canford Heath, provides long and short-term residential care for older people with dementia and those who are physically frail.    It has a very relaxed environment and all the staff treat their residents with respect and compassion.  

A  group of men and women from Canford Heath Baptist Church visit once a fortnight, and these visits are well received both by staff and residents.  The visitors chat on a one-to-one basis to the residents and encourage them to participate in the organised activities.  

The folk who are involved in this venture say that whilst visiting and hoping to show the love of God to the residents and staff,  they feel so blessed themselves by the conversations and friendships made with these wonderful elderly people who have had such varied and interesting lives and love to share their stories.   A group from Canford Heath Baptist Church recently visited and sang hymns.   Some of the hymns were chosen by the residents, who joined in the singing, and with one 101 year old lady singing solo.   In addition to our regular visits we are planning to do some carol singing at Mitchell House; please see the update below.

Mitchell House - Christmas Fair Carol Singing
Mitchell House held their "Christmas Fair" on Saturday 26th November 2011 at 3.30pm and a group of us were very privieged to go along and sing some carols along with the residents and staff.

Ruth Murdoch