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Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor, according to their website "run a bunch of events and do stuff to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus"

As you can probably tell, it is aimed at 13yrs - university age. For the older uni student age there is 'Momentum'. 

As a church we have been accompanying a group of our teenagers at the 5 day Soul Survivor camp at Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet for several years. This much-looked-forward-to event is enjoyed with other local churches and about 10,000 others from around the UK and also other countries (there's always a group from Malta)!
Here are some comments from CHBC young people about why they enjoy Soul Survivor.

"Awesome",  "Great Worship", "Quality time with your friends",

"Getting to know others in the church", "Spiritually refreshing".

"Well, Soul Survivor makes me happy. I always look forward to going every year. It makes me feel alive even when I haven’t been going to church. The best thing I like about it is the worship time it is very lively, fun and exciting. I cant wait for next year. " 

"Soul Survivor is somewhere that I can be totally with God, he speaks to me and I feel at home there!!"
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